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01. Current Transformer (CT)

 CURRENT TRANSFORMERS are instruments designed to convert an alternating current usually high into a proportional lower one, depending on their use. E.g. In the industrial applications like Switchboards & Control panels.

 The design of this type of transformer requires the inclusion of a core and winding which will when connected to its rated burden; perform within the limits of error as indicated by the standard’s specification.

 AGAM manufactures Low Voltage Measuring type Current Transformer intended to supply indicating instruments, relay and similar apparatus.

Features :
 Compact design fully encapsulated one piece. 
 High electrical & mechanical strength 
 Flame retardant casing with UL94 Grade. 
 Wide range of system current ratings, bus-bar & cable window sizes 
 Various mounting options like wall mounting, cable mounting, bus-bar mounting. 
 Wire sealable terminal covers to make it tamper proof.

02. Analog Panel Meter (APM)

 AGAM provides economical ANALOG PANEL METERS (APM) also known as SWITCHBOARD METERS that are the instruments designed to measure an extensive range of electrical and electronic parameters in industrial applications like Switchboards, Control panels like MCC, PCC etc.

  These instruments are expected to be precision engineered and robust in design, ensuring accurate measurement and display in the most demanding of environments and AGAM holds an expertise for the same.


Features :
 Followed Standards : IEC/DIN/EN 60051, DIN 43802, DIN 43700, IEC 61010 
 Glass filled polycarbonate housing case conforming to UL94 V-0 Grade (Non-inflammable & self retardant) 
 Robust case with classic finish 
 Knife Edge pointer 
 Interchangeable Scales 
 Easy mounting / installation with Swivel Screws 

03. Rotary CAM Switch

 A ROTARY CAM SWITCH also known as INSTRUMENT SWITCH is used to perform make and break operations in a sequential way by rotating the switch to different positions. 


 A Cam Switch provides the transmission of electrical energy from one point to another by rotating at various angles with the help of a handle and shaft. Its contacts change position by turning the handle.


 AGAM offers a complete range of Rotary Cam Switches for control, instrumentation and motor starting applications and complete its analog basket for maximizing the benefits for the users and optimizing the use of their assets.


Features :
 Compact size 
 Reliable Design with good aesthetics 
 Quick and easy to install with self lifting terminals 
 Bimetallic contacts with Silver-alloy rivets for long life 
 Long distance visibility 
 Available in different colors e.g. Grey & Black, Red & Yellow.

AGAM Electrical Instruments

World Class : Manufactured according to IEC Standards.

Performance : Built with expertise for accuracy.

Cost Competitive : Better price with best quality

Safety : UL Grade material with Ergonomic design.

World Class


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